Crunchy nut


Sunday evening. Our local corner shop…


Boy student: “Have you seen this?”


Girl student: “What is it?”


Boy student: “Cous cous”


Girl student: “What?”


Boy student: “Cous cous. You eat it.”


Girl student: *tentatively shakes box*


Boy student: “You just put hot water on it and it turns into food.”


Girl student: “Really?! That’s amazing!”


Boy student: “I know.”


“I’ll make it for you if you like?”


Girl student makes extremely faint “mmmm” sound and seems suddenly highly distracted by the Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.


Momentarily crestfallen, Boy student proceeds to scans shelves frantically.


Boy student: (Suddenly looking very pleased with himself) “Have you seen THIS?”


*picks up pack of gnocchi*


Girl student: “What IS it?!”


Boy student: “Gono-chi… or something.”


“Anyway, it’s like pasta.”




*dramatic pause*


“It’s made from potato.”


Girl student: “What?!”


Boy student: “Seriously.”


“You just boil it – in water – for, like, no time at all.”


Girl student: “Fuuuuck”


Boy student: “I know. Good right.”


“I’ll make it for you… if you like?”


Girl student: “mmmmm.”


“I think I’m just gonna get this”


Pair leave shop with three cans of cider, a box of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and a block of cheese.